Pie, pita, torta, tarte. It doesn’t matter what it’s referred to as, the thought applies throughout the globe. Everybody loves a chunk of crammed, baked goodness.

March 14 is Pi Day in honor of the primary three digits of the mathematical fixed π (3.1415…). Nevertheless it’s additionally a flimsy, but scrumptious, excuse to rejoice the numerous edible kinds of pie all over the world.

Basic American apple and cherry varieties could be the primary dishes that come to thoughts when the phrase “pie” is talked about. However they’re only a slice of the candy and savory pies obtainable to pastry lovers from Florida to the Philippines.

Beneath the broad definition of a pie as a crammed, baked pastry shell, historical past has supplied a variety of pies. Egyptian hieroglyphics present pastries full of honey, nuts and fruit, whereas historical Greeks and Romans supped on free-form pies full of each sweets and meats.

From there, the world of pies has solely expanded. Attempt a number of of those worldwide pies once you’re touring or bake your individual at residence.

Steak and ale pie is a pub classic.

In historical Rome, early meat pies used dough merely as a vessel for preserving the meat’s tenderness, not for consuming with the filling. It took a number of centuries (and recipe enhancements) for the thought of consuming the crust and the meat filling to catch on.

The British and their colonies appear to have perfected the artwork of the meat pie. Steak and ale pie is a pub favourite and has its roots in medieval pies, which used native meats, recreation and greens in a pastry crust.

Tourtière is a hearty French-Canadian meat pie historically full of floor pork and served in the course of the Christmas season. A salmon model of tourtière is widespread for many who grew up alongside the coast.

In Australia and New Zealand, meat pies cut up the distinction between a conventional pie and a handheld pie: spherical double-crust pies sized right down to be single-serving meals. Beef and gravy is the commonest filling for these pies, which are sometimes topped with ketchup or tomato sauce.

Talking of handheld meat pies, their ingenuity spans the globe. Cornish pasties have been popularized as a meals for miners, however are actually so beloved that they’re protected by geographic origin.

Jamaican beef patties and Nigerian meat pies are related, however the Jamaican patty is differentiated by its golden, turmeric-infused crust and spiced filling.

And empanadas, thought to have originated in Galicia, Spain, are eaten throughout Latin America and within the Philippines, amongst different locations.

Moroccan Pastilla typically combines spices, poultry, eggs and almonds.

As one of many birthplaces of pie, Greek delicacies has its share of candy and savory pies to select from. Spanakopita is likely one of the most well-known, that includes a spinach and feta filling inside flaky phyllo dough, however there’s additionally its cousin hortopita, made with wild greens; tiropita, a savory cheese pie; and maridopita, a fish pie.

Layers of flaky phyllo additionally kind the crust for Albanian burek or byrek, savory pies that may be full of the whole lot from floor meat to spinach and cheese. The tomato and onion model of this pie is commonly referred to as Albanian pizza, layering caramelized onions and stewed tomatoes.

Whereas meat pies have been the norm for a lot of the pie’s early historical past, the spices utilized in many of those pastries bridged the hole between savory and candy.

Pastilla, a Moroccan pie that additionally goes by the names bisteeya or b’stilla, is a spiced pie that mixes poultry, almonds and eggs. Although pigeon or squab has been the normal poultry of alternative, simpler fashionable variations substitute hen within the pie.

When you’re acquainted with the souffle-like texture of corn spoon bread or corn pudding, American candy corn custard pie is one step additional within the dessert route. Including recent corn kernels to a candy custard or chess pie filling is a typical theme for bakers and gardeners profiting from late summer time produce.

Dutch appelvlaai is a fruit pie typically made with yeasted brioche-style dough instead of butter pastry crust.

Neglect 4 and twenty blackbirds – if it grows on a tree, it will possibly seemingly be baked right into a pie. Fruit pies are one of many best methods to get pleasure from seasonal produce.

Among the fruit pies well-known in North America at this time originated with colonists who introduced seeds from Europe or added substances native to North America to their baking traditions.

Rhubarb grew to become a preferred pie filling in New England by the 1820s and unfold south and west with the inhabitants. Harmony grape pie makes use of the juicy, dark-skinned grapes native to North America (sure, those in each child’s favourite jar of jelly).

Persimmon pies are present in household recipe recordsdata all through the jap United States, making the most of one other native fruit that may be grown as far west as Iowa and as far north as Connecticut. With a texture just like pumpkin pie, it’s no surprise it is a pie excellent for the autumn harvest season.

Apple pie is enshrined because the quintessential American pie – as Jack Kerouac wrote in “On the Highway”: “I ate one other apple pie and ice cream; that’s virtually all I ate all the way in which throughout the nation.”

However apple pie has its roots in Europe, with most of the apple varieties we all know at this time imported to the North American continent.

Vlaai are Dutch fruit pies made with yeasted brioche-style dough as an alternative of the standard butter pastry crust. Although they are often full of fruits corresponding to apricots, plums, and cherries, a Dutch appelvlaai bridges Outdated and New World dessert traditions.

Atlantic Beach pie is a North Carolina take on a tart citrus custard pie.

If cooked fruit fillings aren’t your favourite, let pies with creamy fillings fulfill your dessert fantasies.

Followers of coconut cream pie ought to search out Filipino buko pie, a specialty of the Laguna province. This double-crust pie is full of strips of buko, or younger coconut, suspended in a creamy coconut custard.

British Banoffee pie is pretty fashionable by pie requirements. Created by the chef and proprietor of The Hungry Monk restaurant in East Sussex, England, within the Seventies, it’s now a no-bake traditional. The title is a portmanteau of its important substances: bananas and toffee sauce. Whereas the unique recipe (spelled banoffi) requires a pastry crust, many iterations use a biscuit or graham cracker crust as an alternative.

Tangy Key lime pie is a must have when visiting Key West, Florida, the place it’s continuously served frozen in a crunchy chocolate shell.

Additional up the East Coast, Atlantic Seashore pie from North Carolina is a saltier tackle the cool citrus pie. Crushed Saltine crackers kind the crust base, and a tangy lemon-lime filling offers citrus followers the most effective of each worlds.

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